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Creative Ways a Fence can Enhance Your Outdoor Space
Tanya Douglas
Ways a Fence can Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Creative Ways a Fence Can Enhance Your Outdoor Space

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Lots of people see fences as a somewhat dull addition to their yards. Sure, you need one, but does it contribute much to your outdoor space? Well, it could if you knew how best to approach the subject! Because of this, we’ve made a guide on creative ways a fence can enhance your outdoor space.

The style of the fence

The first way a fence can enhance your outdoor space is by matching its style to the overall design of your home. After all, a fence can be made in many ways and out of a slew of different materials. As such, it can cause either clash with your home’s design horribly or uplift it to look even better! The best example is how well your fence matches with your outdoor furniture. If you plan things out properly, they will ideally match each other in material and style. Just imagine a classy wooden table and chairs with lovely, beige cushions on top of them all, surrounded by a tall privacy fence that protects you, maybe provides a bit of extra shade, and perfectly fits with the theme!

Caption: If your fence is old, you might want to take it down and get a new one!

Alt-tag: An old fence

The color of the fence

Of course, a fence can enhance your outdoor space because it is so customizable even after you build it. If you are unhappy with your fence style but don’t want to pay too much to have it taken down and rebuilt, giving it a new coat of paint is a decent choice.  Almost all fences you can get installed can be customized this way, and it is both cheap and easy. It won’t take longer than a couple of hours of work, and it’s even a perfect DIY project for you and your kids. You’d get to spend some time with them, and they’d get all messy and enjoy themselves in a way only kids with paint can. The maintenance of a fence painted this way is not particularly difficult either. You’ll just need to occasionally refresh the paint job.

Consider adding vines or crawlers to your fence

Another thing you may want to do with your fence is to add vines or crawlers to it. Imagine what your yard would look like with beautiful climbing roses adorning your fence! Even letting vines grow over your fence adds a lovely dose of extra greenery, making your yard look classier. Now, there is a slight disclaimer here. While the growth will cover your fence, covering some of its faults and maybe even reinforcing, wooden fences can start decaying due to the conditions created by plant growth coming in contact with wood. So, it might take a bit more work to keep it in good condition. However, if you have a stone or metal fence, then this is pretty much a non-issue.

The different kinds of fences

When they hear the word ‘fence,’ most people immediately think about a privacy fence or a fence that wraps around the entire property and separates it from the rest of the street. However, you can effectively use many fences to separate parts of your yard. That is especially useful if you have a large yard and need to use parts of it for a specific purpose. For example, you might have a garden, but your kids or pets keep getting into it. A relatively short fence can effectively keep them out and improve your yard’s functionality. Also, you can use a part of your yard for parking.

Let your kids contribute

When discussing changing the color of your fence, we mentioned getting your kids involved. However, if you have the correct type of fence, you can go further! Tall, plain privacy fences made of wood might seem underwhelming at first. However, they offer a perfect canvas for your kids to express their creativity! Kids love drawing on walls or other areas that would feature their drawings more permanently and will often get in trouble as they grow up. So, why not let them have fun drawing on the fence instead? You’d see how a fence can enhance your outdoor space and make precious memories. And your kids get their urges to scribble on your walls out of their systems! Everyone wins, and it costs you nothing but the paint the kids use.

Caption: A fence can also be cleaned of the drawings relatively easily.

Alt-tag: A plain wood fence

Give your fence additional functionality

One of the best ways a fence can enhance your outdoor space is by providing extra space or functionality. Some yards are small, and you can’t fit a proper shed or similar. However, if you add shelving or hangers to your fence, it can be a perfect place to put away tools and gardening equipment. If your yard is large, you have more fun with the fence! You can get a custom fence and equip it with birdhouses or bird feeders. That would allow you to relax on your porch and admire all the birds that come to visit. You can add cup holders or armrests if you have your desk and other outdoor furniture near your fence.

Caption: Birds are entertaining to watch, and the additions are not too heavy, even for old fences!

Alt-tag: A bird on a fence

Improving your yard further

With our guide on creative ways a fence can enhance your outdoor space, you can make your fence a lot more interesting and useful. Of course, if you want the best effects, you must style your yard, so all its parts come together. If you coordinate your fence, outdoor furniture, and other factors, you’ll have a unique outdoor space to enjoy!

Meta Description: Check out our guide on creative ways a fence can enhance your outdoor space and improve your yard using the best possible methods!

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