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Why Jacksonville is Perfect for Young Professionals
Tanya Douglas
Why Jacksonville is Perfect for Young Professionals

Why Jacksonville is Perfect for Young Professionals

Jacksonville is the most populous city in the state of Florida. And at 874.46 sq mi, it is also its largest city. It has a mild climate with around 250 sunny days a year. You can enjoy the sun at some of the sandy beaches along the Jacksonville shoreline, which is the longest shoreline in the state. Jacksonville is also the home of the largest urban park system in the nation. These are just some basic facts to get us introduced to Jacksonville. While beautiful beaches, great neighborhoods, and parks are great, it’s the economy, education, housing, and career opportunities that are going to be the main focus of this article. We are going to explain why Jacksonville is perfect for young professionals.

Some of the reasons why Jacksonville is perfect for young professionals

While there are many reasons why Jacksonville is so great, we are going to explore the main ones, from housing to entertainment. And according to experts at bestmoversinflorida.com, the number of people moving to Jacksonville is only growing over the years.

  • Cost of living
  • Job market
  • Education
  • Housing
  • Entertainment

Low cost of living

The first thing that makes Jacksonville perfect for young professionals is the low cost of living. The cost of living in Jacksonville is about eight percent lower than the average in the USA. This is great for young people who are at the beginning of their professional careers and cannot yet afford to live in very expensive cities. One of the critical factors in Jacksonville is that the price of transportation is lower by as much as 16 percent than the average in Florida and 17 percent than the average in the USA. The situation with healthcare is equally good, where the price for medical services is 14 percent lower than the state average and 16 percent lower than the national average. The cost is also lower than the state average for food, utilities, goods, services, etc.

Booming job market

Another thing that makes Jacksonville so appealing to young professionals is the abundance of job opportunities. Especially white-collar ones. The primary industries in Jacksonville are financial services, advanced transportation, and logistics, health and biomedical, advanced manufacturing, IT, etc. So there is something for everyone. It is a fast-growing city with a booming job market. Just this year, Jacksonville was rated 5th hottest job market in the United States by the Wall Street Journal. In the last ten years, job growth in Jacksonville has increased by 12,9 percent. Some of the highest-paying jobs in Jacksonville are surgeons, financial managers, dentists, chief executives, and financial and sales managers. When you pair an incredible job market with a low cost of living, it is no wonder why Jacksonville is one of the fastest-growing cities in America. Experts predict that by 2060 Jacksonville’s population will grow from 1,658,800 to 2,536,200.

Great education

For young professionals, education is also very important. And thankfully, in Jacksonville, there is a great public and private school system. And Jacksonville has some of the top-rated public schools in Florida. There are 189 public schools (some of the best are:  Julia Landon College Preparatory & Leadership Development School and James Weldon Johnson College Preparatory Middle School) and 133 private schools. But the most important for young professionals are opportunities for higher education. If they want to continue their higher education in Jacksonville, they are in luck. There is the Florida Coastal School of law, which offers Juris Doctorates and specialized law certificates. Then there is Edward Waters College, Jacksonville State University, etc. So, Jacksonville is great for those who were born there and are going through the public school system, and are on their way to becoming young professionals. And it is also great for those who moved to Jacksonville to continue their education (doctorates and specialized certificates).

Affordable housing

One more reason why Jacksonville is perfect for young professionals is the affordable housing market. The prices on the Jacksonville housing market are 17 percent lower than the national average. Even though lately, housing prices have gone up all over the country, Jacksonville stayed one of the most affordable cities. There are great opportunities for those who want to own their house and those who prefer renting. The number of those who own property and rent is pretty even. Fifty-six percent of the population in Jacksonville owns the property and forty-four percent rents. That’s because rent in Jacksonville is one of the lowest in the area. According to experts, the best neighborhoods in Jacksonville for young professionals are:

  • Atlantic Beach
  • Neptune Beach
  • Avondale/Riverside
  • Jacksonville Beach

And if you are looking to find the right team to move you to Jacksonville for your residential move, you don’t have to look too far. There are many useful companies in Jacksonville that will help you with residential moving and looking for movers.

Good entertainment

Even though housing, job opportunities, and education are essential, they are not everything in life. For young people, it is also important that a city offers some entertainment—and Jacksonville definitely does. No matter what area of Jacksonville you are in, there is something to do.  There is the Jacksonville Jazz festival that’s organized every Memorial Day weekend. Then there is Jacksonville's Autobahn Speedway for those who love indoor go-kart racing. Of course, one of the top entertainment spots in Jacksonville is the iconic Florida Theatre. Here you can catch performances by some of the most popular comedians, actors, and musicians of today.

In conclusion

Hopefully, now you understand why Jacksonville is perfect for young professionals. As you can see, many factors make this city so appealing. From affordable housing, various job opportunities, a booming market, and excellent education to great entertainment, there is everything young career-driven people could possibly need. But Jacksonville is not good just for them; it is a great city for everyone. From those who want to raise a family there to those who want to spend their retirement there. So it’s no wonder why so many people have chosen this city as their new home in the last ten years.

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8 Tips for First-Time Landlords in Jacksonville
Tanya Douglas
Tips for Landords

8 Tips for First-Time Landlords in Jacksonville

Renting can be quite a profitable business for those interested in this type of investment. There are slight differences in whether you’re renting an apartment, house, or condo – but general rules apply to all the properties. This can be pretty confusing for those who are jumping into the rental business for the first time. Luckily, we’re here to help you avoid common landlord issues. Here are the best tips for first-time landlords in Jacksonville – make your rental as attractive as possible and have the smoothest relationship with your tenants.

1.Know the local rental regulations in Jacksonville

To avoid potential issues, you first need to know standard local regulations and laws that apply to landlords and tenants. These can vary in different states and cities, so be sure to learn more about being a landlord in Jacksonville. The city is the most populous place in the state of Florida, which is why it’s essential to be familiar with the laws and regulations of the state and of the city itself. For example, some things that Florida’s landlords need to disclose are warnings about fires, radon levels, etc., apart from all the details about the landlord’s true identity, rent, security deposit, etc. Landlords have specific responsibilities as well. These usually include property maintenance, repairs, and ensuring the general safety of the tenants. Make sure you know your rights, too. These apply to the landlord’s entry to the property, moving out notice, and more. Explore all of these to be ready for any unexpected situations with a potential renter.

2.First-time landlords in Jacksonville should get insurance

No matter how nice someone seems, it is vital to protect your property and yourself with the right kind of insurance. Landlord insurance will ensure you’re safe in case of any damage to the property, hazards such as flood and fire, and any legal issues you might have with a tenant. Again, remember to keep your emotions away from this business. Even though you might like someone, it’s essential to protect yourself and be careful about any potential problems.

3.Make sure your lease agreement is complete

A detailed lease agreement is a key to solving issues that often happen between landlords and tenants. Make sure your lease agreement is complete, including all the necessary details that explain the rights and responsibilities of both parties. When making a rental agreement for a property in Jacksonville, be sure to include:

  • Full names of your tenants
  • The exact list of occupants of your property – there should be an occupancy limit to ensure there’s no subletting or more than listed people living on the property;
  • Rent details – apart from the exact amount of the rent cost, include the due date, payment method, late fees, and a grace period if there’s a need for it.
  • The amount and rules about the security deposit
  • Defining month-to-month or fixed tenancy agreement
  • Pet policy – depending on your preferences and the rules of the building/neighborhood, you can define a pet policy and a set of rules in case pets are allowed on the property.

Defining all the details in your lease agreement will benefit both the landlord and the tenant. That’s why you shouldn’t skip this step and ensure all the details are familiar to both parties.

4.Make changes that bring value

It’s not necessary to renovate the whole property to attract tenants. Try to plan renovations long-term, and prioritize those tasks. At first, you can make the changes that bring the most value. These can include repainting, updating the lighting, adding air conditioning, etc. Make sure you know what your target tenants need the most and focus on those updates first. This will make sure tenants recognize you care about their needs. You can also go that extra mile and make their moving experience even better – recommend a trustworthy moving team and help them find reliable Florida movers. You can help them team up with experts that will ensure your tenants move in safely and don’t damage your property in the process.

5.Promote your property for faster and better results

Preparing your property for renting is just one of the steps to success. Another thing you need to do is to market it well, so it attracts the right kind of tenants. Unless you’re lucky enough to immediately get a recommendation for a friend’s friend, or someone you know well, you’ll have to make some effort to find the tenants. Here you’ll need to create a listing that will ensure your property stands out from the rest – a detailed description and professional photos will help. Also, market your property in multiple ways – use local listing sites, spread the word, and share on social media.

6.Checking your tenants thoroughly is one of the best tips for first-time landlords in Jacksonville

The first impressions can be misleading. You shouldn’t sign an agreement with someone you just met. It’s essential to screen your potential tenants, so you can be sure you’ve found someone who will be responsible and take care of your property. Interview to get to know them better, but also look for references that can assure you are dealing with someone reliable. You can also do a criminal background check to be even safer. Finally, a simple check of their finances will tell you if they can pay the rent each month. These simple steps can verify that your new tenants meet your requirements and won’t cause any trouble during the lease.


Remember: always advise your tenants to double-check their moving company in a similar way. Nationwide Moving Services experts recommend getting at least two moving estimates before making the final decision. Trusting someone with your household is a big thing, so it’s crucial to find someone experienced and reliable.

7.Learn how to manage your property

Giving out the keys to your new tenants is just the beginning. Ensure you’ve got the tools to help you run the property’s finances and keep track of all the tenant’s requests. You can use several great rental property management software programs to simplify the process. You’ll get to keep track of both income and expenses, screen your tenants, and not forget about their issues, etc. And the best part is – some of these programs are free!

8.Consider contacting a professional

If the tasks we mentioned earlier overflow your daily schedule, maybe hiring a professional property manager is better. Letting a professional do all the management work is the best for inexperienced, first-time landlords in Jacksonville. If you’re feeling insecure about doing all the tasks, maybe it’s wiser to let someone competent do it for you.


Meta description: Learn how first-time landlords in Jacksonville can begin their rental journey without any issues and manage their new property with success.

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Health & Safety

Stay Healthy Through the New Year

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Best Move Out Checklist for Landlords | Property Management in Jacksonville, FL
Property Management Education

The best move out checklist for landlords will closely resemble the checklist that’s used during the move in process. The idea is to compare the condition of your home before the tenants moved in and after they have vacated. This will be a crucial document when it comes to determining whether the full security deposit will be returned to the tenant or part of it will be withheld to pay for damages.

Moving In

Your move out checklist starts when a tenant moves in. Go through the property and note its condition in detail. Take a lot of pictures and don’t leave anything out. You want to document every room, each floor, the walls, the appliances, the closets, and the ceilings. Capture the condition of the paint, whether there are any visible scratches, and if something looks old or worn. Give your tenants the opportunity to contribute to this inspection report, and then make sure you and your tenants sign the move in checklist so everyone agrees on the condition of the home at move in.

Document Ongoing Maintenance

Throughout the lease term, keep careful records of any maintenance that’s performed at the property. Document anything that is fixed or replaced, and keep track of any problems that the tenants continue to have with appliances or systems. When you inspect the property, or send a contractor over to do work, make notes on how the home looks and whether there is any reason to be concerned about how a tenant is caring for it.

Moving Out

When tenants give notice of their intent to move out at the end of the lease, follow up immediately with your acknowledgement as well as a list of things they need to do before leaving. That might include cleaning requirements, returning keys, and replacing things like air filters, light bulbs, and smoke detector batteries. After the tenants and their belongings have been moved out, you need to go through the property with your move in checklist. Make notes and take pictures so you can see if anything has been damaged or changed. There is bound to be normal wear and tear, which you cannot charge the security deposit for. Small nail holes in the walls and scuff marks where furniture was placed will need to be allowed. However, if you notice torn carpet, large holes in your walls, or a filthy refrigerator that has rotting food in it, you can charge the tenant’s deposit for the cost of taking care of these items.

A good move out process starts when a tenant signs the lease. If you have any questions about this or anything pertaining to property management in Jacksonville, FL, please contact us at Heth Realty.

How to Be a Good Landlord | Jacksonville Property Management Tips
Property Management Education

When you want to keep great tenants in your property for the long-term and protect its condition, you must know how to be a good landlord. Being a good landlord doesn’t mean you’ll develop a personal friendship with your tenants or let them get away with whatever they want. It means being consistent, fair, and responsive.


Good Landlords Communicate

Communication is critical, and a good landlord will communicate well with tenants, vendors and contractors, as well as HOAs and other public officials. Make sure you are available and responsive. When you’re signing the lease with your tenant, go over it in detail. Let your tenants know what they will be responsible for and what you expect during the term of the tenancy. Answer any questions and provide your contact information so they know how to reach you, especially in emergencies. Keep in touch with your tenants. You don’t have to bother them, but you can send them reminders to change their air filters or check in via email to see if things are going well.

Good Landlords Have Procedures

Tenants perform best when they know what to expect. Good landlords will have consistent policies and procedures in place, and they will follow them. If you attach a late fee to rental payments that aren’t in by the third of the month, for example, make sure you collect that fee. You have to follow the terms of the lease, and you need to let your tenants know that you’re serious about what you’ve said. If you promise to respond to all maintenance requests within 24 hours, make sure you do that. When you say you’re going to schedule a property inspection every six months, make sure you show up for it.

Good Landlords are Fair

When a responsible tenant runs into trouble one month and is late with rent, a good landlord will be understanding. You can still serve the three-day notice and require that the late fee be paid, but you can also make an arrangement that will help the tenant catch up. If a tenant requests new carpet or an upgraded appliance, be willing to hear their reasons. Maybe you can offer it in exchange for a lease renewal. When it’s time to renew the lease and the rental market is competitive, consider not raising the rent on a tenant who is following the lease terms, paying rent on time, and maintaining the home. Tenants will appreciate the fair treatment they receive from you, and it will encourage them to stay longer.

These are just a few tips on how to be a good landlord. We can help you with a lot of other ideas, so please don’t hesitate to contact us at Heth Realty for all your Jacksonville property management needs.

Rental Property Maintenance: How to Avoid Unexpected Costs with Preventative Care in Jacksonville, FL
Rental Property Maintenance in Jacksonville

Rental property maintenance will be required on your investment home even if it’s new and in excellent condition when you buy it. To keep costs from growing out of control, you need to stay on top of preventative maintenance so that small problems don’t become gigantic issues with never-ending price tags. Reign in your maintenance budget with these tips.


Start with a Clean, Functioning Property

When you hand the keys over to your tenant, make sure you are providing a home that is clean, well-cared for, and functional. You should always conduct a move-in inspection prior to the tenant taking occupancy, and while you’re doing that inspection you can check to make sure that everything works. Show the tenants how to change the air filters, reset the garbage disposal, and turn off the water supply. Providing a home that’s in excellent condition will set the standard for how you expect the property to be returned.

Respond Immediately to Repair Requests

When you receive a request from your tenants for maintenance work, respond immediately. It might sound like an issue that isn’t too serious, but you still want to get over to the property to have a look. Not only will this responsiveness keep your tenants happy, it will also provide you with an opportunity to check the property. A dripping faucet or a toilet that won’t flush will allow you to check for leaks throughout the house, for example. Make sure your tenants know how to make a repair request, and encourage them to share any concerns with you promptly.

Schedule Regular Inspections and Service

In Florida, the air conditioning system in your home will run almost all year long. It’s important to have that cooling system serviced and inspected annually by an HVAC professional. Have your roof and gutters cleaned and checked annually, especially before hurricane season. Put together a schedule of preventative maintenance items and stick to it. These might seem like rental property costs that you don’t need, but spending a couple hundred dollars is better than having something malfunction. If you have to replace your air conditioning system, you’ll be spending thousands.

Keep your maintenance costs low by taking care of minor problems and inspecting your home whenever possible. Having good tenants in place will also help you with caring for the property, so think about your preventative maintenance plans when you’re screening as well. If you have any questions about repairs or Jacksonville property management, please contact us at Heth Realty.

Tenant Screening in Jacksonville: Advice for Finding a Good Tenant


Tenant Screening Tips in Jacksonville, FL

Finding a good tenant for your rental property will determine whether you are a successful landlord or one who is constantly dealing with frustrations and disputes. The tenant screening process is an important way to separate the highly qualified tenants from those you’d be better without. Make sure you have a thorough and consistent process in place, and if you don’t – contact a property manager.

Providing an Application

Your screening process starts with a thorough application. Most tenants prefer to apply online because it’s fast, efficient, and easy. Make sure you use an application that has been reviewed by a property manager or comes from a reputable organization that supports landlords and property owners. It should gather all the necessary information and provide you with permission to conduct a background check, a criminal check, and a credit check.

Screening Criteria – Credit

Pulling a credit report is always necessary, but don’t focus too much on the credit score. What you’re really looking for is the credit history, so you can see whether this applicant pays bills on time or just lets them slide. You want to be careful of any tenant who has judgments pending from lawsuits or a lot of debt that isn’t being paid. Always check for past evictions.

Screening Criteria – Employment and Income

A good tenant is gainfully employed, and can provide an employer reference. You also want to verify how much income is earned. Generally, you’re looking for someone who earns at least three times the monthly rent. So, if you rent your property for $1,200 per month, you are looking for a tenant or tenants who earn at least $3,600 per month. Validate the income by speaking with the employer, looking at pay stubs, or collecting bank statements or tax records.

Screening Criteria – Landlord References

Talking to current and former landlords is an important part of the tenant screening process. This is the best opportunity you have to find out what kind of tenant your applicant has been in the past. Verify that the applicant did live there, and then ask how much rent was paid, whether it was paid on time, and if any damage was left behind after vacancy. You can ask if the security deposit was refunded and whether there were any pets or lease violations.

If you have questions about tenant screening or anything pertaining to property management in Jacksonville, please contact us at Heth Realty.

The Importance of Florida Landlord Tenant Law | Property Management Advice
Landlord Tenant Law

One of the best reasons to work with a Jacksonville property management company is so that you’ll have access to an expert in Florida landlord tenant law. If you’re not current on the local and state laws, you’re putting your rental property at risk and exposing yourself to a lot of liability from tenants and other parties.

Rights and Responsibilities

The Florida Landlord Tenant Act provides all the information you need on what you’re responsible for as a landlord and rental property owner. It also lists the tenant’s rights and responsibilities while living in your property. It includes the requirement that landlords provide a safe and habitable home and that tenants pay rent on time according to their lease. You should use this law for guidance when you’re screening tenants, signing leases, and conducting inspections throughout the term of the tenancy.

Handling Tenant Disputes

If a dispute arises with a tenant, you’ll need to refer to your lease first. You’ll also want to consult the landlord tenant laws so you know how to proceed without violating the law or falling out of compliance. Some of the most common areas of conflict include security deposits, tenant damage, and lease violations such as unauthorized pets or people.

The Benefits of Professional Management

Professional property managers spend a lot of time educating themselves on the details involved in all Florida laws pertaining to landlords, tenants, and rental properties. We keep up with changes in the law, and we partner with attorneys, insurance professionals, and tax accountants to make sure that you and your property are protected. Trying to manage your own home without understanding the Landlord Tenant Act is a dangerous enterprise. A single and unintentional mistake can have consequences that may cost you thousands of dollars. Whether you violate a fair housing law with your marketing materials, take too long fixing an important repair, or neglect to return a security deposit on time, you can be taken to court and forced to pay punitive damages. Work with someone who knows the laws so you don’t have to know them yourself.

If you have any questions about how to stay out of legal trouble, please contact us at Heth Realty. We’d be happy to tell you more.

Rental Property Maintenance 101 | Tips for Property Management in Jacksonville, Florida
Rental Maintenance

Rental Property Maintenance 101 | Tips for Property Management in Jacksonville, FloridaRental property maintenance is part of being a landlord, and it’s a cost that you need to factor into your long term investment budget. Most maintenance and repair work falls into one of three categories; preventative, annual, and emergency maintenance. Make sure your tenants know exactly how to report issues to you, and be prompt about fixing the things that need attention in your home.


Managing Preventative Maintenance

The best way to keep your house maintenance costs low is by taking care of preventative maintenance. When you handle a small problem, you’re keeping it from becoming a large problem. For example, when a tenant reports that a sink is leaking, get a handyman over there to address the leak immediately. If you don’t, you’ll have water damage and maybe mold to deal with later on. Check for preventative maintenance issue when you’re inspecting your property and getting it ready for a new tenant. When you stay on top of these repairs, you save money.

Managing Annual Maintenance

Annual maintenance is also an important way to keep your repair costs low and your investment property in excellent condition. Air conditioning is critical in Jacksonville, because it’s very hot for most of the year. So have your cooling system serviced at least once a year. Clean out the gutters, and have your plumbing and electrical systems inspected. Setting up a schedule for annual maintenance will keep you on track and alert you to any potential problems that could become expensive.

Managing Emergency Maintenance

When you have the benefit of professional property management in Jacksonville, Florida, you don’t have to worry about emergency maintenance. Your property manager will take care of any anything that happens unexpectedly. If you don’t have a property manager, make sure you’re responsive to your tenants, even if it’s the middle of the night or a holiday weekend. Hot water heaters will explode, trees will fall through roofs and catastrophes will occur that need immediate attention. Without a property manager, you’ll need to be prepared to handle these stressful and chaotic situations at your rental property.

Using a Jacksonville property management company will ensure your maintenance and repair needs are taken care of swiftly and affordably. Your professional manager will know when to dispatch a handyman for a quick fix, and when a licensed and insured contractor is necessary to tackle a larger project. If you have any questions about handling maintenance at your rental property, or property management in Jacksonville generally, please contact us at Heth Realty.

Rent Collection Rules of Thumb | Policy Advice for Jacksonville Landlords
Rent Collection

Rent Collection Rules of Thumb | Policy Advice for Jacksonville LandlordsOne of the biggest mistakes that many landlords make is that they are reactive instead of proactive when it comes to collecting rent. Jacksonville property management companies like Heth Realty have the advantage of using rent collection software to make the process efficient, easy for the tenants, and successful in bringing in rent on time every month. When you’re collecting rent, be consistent and avoid letting payments slide because you want your tenants to like you.

Create a Consistent Rent Collection Policy

Your lease should indicate when rent is due, how much is due, and what the consequences are for late payments. When these expectations are clearly spelled out, your tenants cannot claim that they didn’t know where they were supposed to pay or when their payment was due. Enforce your rent collection policies and be consistent. If you let the rent come in late one month, you are essentially inviting your tenants to pay late every month. That’s not good for your relationship or your cash flow.

Treat Your Rental Property Like a Business

Sometimes owners will become friendly with their tenants, and then it gets awkward when you find yourself trying to collect late rent. Your tenant should not be your buddy. If you get emotionally invested in the relationship with your renters, it’s going to be difficult for you to run your rental property like a business. If you find that you cannot be professional and businesslike when it comes to dealing with your tenants and enforcing the rental due dates and late fees, you need to get professional property management in Jacksonville, Florida. A property manager can remove the emotional aspect of the relationship, and keep you out of the rent collection process entirely.

Have a Process for Collecting Past Due Rent

When rent is officially late, which means the due date and any grace period has come and gone, you need to immediately begin collecting past due rent. Send a letter, make a phone call, and do whatever your lease says you will do. If there’s a late fee associated, make sure you collect it. If you aren’t aggressive in collecting the rent that is owed, tenants will feel like they can take advantage of you, and you’ll be struggling to get the rent paid throughout the entire lease term.

We have an excellent process in place that ensures our landlords and property owners get their money on time every month. We use our rent collection software to track and accept online payments and implement a collection schedule when rent is late. If you’d like some Jacksonville property management help, please contact us at Heth Realty today.

Landlord Guide to Security Deposits | Jacksonville Property Management Education
Security Deposits

Florida landlords need to be very careful when it comes to handling the security deposits paid by their tenants. You need to know how much to charge for security deposits, where to hold it, what you can use that deposit for, and how quickly you need to return it at the end of the lease period. If you don’t have any experience with security deposits, talk to a Jacksonville property management company. Otherwise, you’re taking on a lot of unnecessary legal and financial liability.

How Much to Charge for Security Deposits

Most landlords charge the equivalent of one month’s rent when they are collecting a security deposit. If you have a tenant with pets, or your screening process has revealed that this tenant is more of a risk because of poor credit or property damage issues in the past, you might want to charge a little more. There is no limit to what you can charge according to Florida law, but don’t make the deposit so high that you discourage otherwise good tenants from renting your property.

Holding the Security Deposit

You are required to hold the security deposit in a Florida bank, separate from your other funds. You cannot let the tenant’s money co-mingle with your own, and you cannot use those funds for your own purposes. If you hold the money in an interest-bearing account, you need to report it to the state monthly and pay the accrued interest to your tenant annually and at the end of the lease term.

Security Deposit Timelines

When the tenant leaves your property in excellent condition and you plan to return the full security deposit, you need to do that within 15 days of the tenant moving out. If you’re going to keep some of the deposit to pay for damage or repairs, you’ll have to send the tenant written notification of that intent within 30 days of the tenant moving out. Explain why, and provide a detailed accounting. If you do not pay attention to these timelines and requirements, you will have to give back the full deposit, regardless of the damage that was left. This is an area where property management in Jacksonville, Florida can help you. If we fail to manage the security deposit return properly, we will pay it back to the tenant so your own funds are protected. As experienced property managers, we handle security deposits and tenant disputes all the time, so we’re confident we’ll get it right.  

If you have any questions about Jacksonville property management or how to collect security deposits, please contact us at Heth Realty. We’d be happy to tell you more.

How to Set the Right Rental Price | Property Management Jacksonville, Florida
Setting the Right Rental Price

How to Set the Right Rental Price | Property Management Jacksonville, FloridaPricing rental property correctly is critical to avoiding long vacancy times and finding a great tenant for your property. If you’re not sure how to determine rental price, be sure to seek some Jacksonville property management advice. Many landlords price their homes too high, and that results in the property sitting vacant on the market. An unrented property costs you rental income. Others price their homes too low, which also costs you money and gives you a lower return on your investment overall. A few things can be done to ensure you’re in a competitive and profitable rental range.

Conduct a Comparative Market Analysis

In order to price your property correctly, you need to know what other homes are renting for. This will require you to analyze the current rental market and compare your home to those that are also on the market. Look at properties in the same neighborhood as yours, and similar in size, amenities, and condition. It’s very important that you compare similar properties only. It doesn’t matter what the four-bedroom house with a swimming pool is renting for when you have a two bedroom on the market.

Finding Relevant Data

Not all landlords know where to look when they’re finding home prices. It’s a good idea to check Zillow and rental sites like it, but remember that what a property is listed for is not necessarily what it’s going to rent for. They might be overpriced, and you don’t want to use incorrect estimates. This is one area where professional property management in Jacksonville, Florida can help you. Property managers spend a lot of time studying the market so they can accurately price the homes they manage. They will know how to price your property so that it rents quickly to excellent tenants.

Utilize the Multiple Listing Service

Another great resource that’s only available to real estate agents and property managers is the Multiple Listing Service How to Set the Right Rental Price | Property Management Jacksonville, Florida(MLS). This will give you information that’s far more reliable than what you’ll find elsewhere on the Internet. You won’t have to worry about dated or delayed information that can be misleading. The MLS will give you a good idea of what tenants are willing to pay for a property like yours.

If you’re not sure how to set up a rental property and attach an accurate price to it, contact us at Heth Realty. We handle Jacksonville property management for owners and investors like you.

How to Get Your Home Rent Ready | Tips for Landlords in Jacksonville, Florida
Getting Rent Ready

Before you list your home for rent, you need to make sure it’s in excellent condition so that prospective tenants will see it as a desirable place to live. This is one of the most essential parts of Jacksonville property management. Make sure you take care of any necessary maintenance, create outstanding curb appeal, and have a plan to keep it in outstanding shape while you’re showing it to potential residents.


Professionally Clean Your Rental Home

The best way to rent out a house is to get it as clean as it can possibly be. This is going to require more than running a vacuum and wiping down counters. You want to hire a professional cleaning crew to make your property shine. If it’s vacant, make sure all debris and items that were left behind by previous tenants are removed, and have everything thoroughly cleaned. The carpets, floors, walls, appliances, and fixtures should all shine before you put your property on the market.

Make Any Necessary Repairs

When you’re trying to figure out how to lease out a house, you need to understand that tenants don’t want to walk into a property that still needs work. They want to see the finished product. This means you need to fix anything that is broken and take care of maintenance items that might have been put off or ignored. Check the appliances and the electrical system and have the air conditioning unit serviced. Clean out your gutters, test all the locks on the windows and doors, and make sure everything is in proper working order.

Take Care of Upgrades and Updates

A fresh coat of paint and a few upgrades in landscaping will do wonders for your curb appeal. Use this as a guide to renting your house: take a look at the property from the street and ask yourself if you’d be interested in going inside to look around. If the answer is no, you need to make some upgrades that will make your property appealing to renters. Keep your lawn cut, trim back the weeds and the bushes, and plant some colorful flowers near the front door. Making upgrades and updates to your home does not have to be expensive. There are some minor things you can do before you put it on the market, and it will help you rent the property quickly to high quality tenants.

Our team provides property management Jacksonville, FL landlords appreciate. If you have any questions, please contact us at Heth Realty. We know how to set up a rental property, and we’d be happy to help you get your investment home on the market.



6 Reasons to Work with Heth Realty | Professional Property Management Jacksonville, Florida

Heth Realty is a local company providing full service property management in Jacksonville, Florida. Today we’re sharing 6 reasons that you should consider working with us when you are looking for Jacksonville property management.

Access Our Knowledge and Experience

At Heth Realty, we have been providing outstanding property management to the Jacksonville area since 1970. We are a family-owned business familiar with the local market, and we understand what owners are looking for and what tenants need. When we manage your property, you can take advantage of all the knowledge, skills, and talents our team members have gathered over the years.

Leave all the Management Details to Us

Our team takes care of everything for you, from preparing the property for the market, determining the right price for the property, screening tenants, reviewing the lease, handling inspections and maintaining the home. We are the first point of contact for your tenants so you don’t need to worry about those phone calls in the middle of the night or while you’re on vacation.

Tenant Placement Services

If you’re an owner or a landlord who has the time and knowledge to handle the day to day management of your property, and you don’t need our full service option, we can work with you to place a high quality tenant who will pay rent on time and take care of your property. We are willing to customize our services to meet your needs.

Communication and Accessibility

We keep you informed of how your property is performing at all times. You’ll receive a report with your monthly rent, which explains all of the income and expenses associated with your property, as well as any maintenance or repair work that was required. If you have any questions, we always welcome you to call, email, or visit us at any time. We are in the office six days a week, and we maintain emergency contact information for tenants in case there’s a problem after hours.

Legal Knowledge and Protection

Our experience in rental home management services ensures we can keep your property compliant with all local, state, and federal laws. We know what is required under fair housing laws, and we can protect you through difficult situations such as evictions. Protecting your income and your asset is our highest priority.

Professional Affiliations and Leadership

At Heth Realty, we work closely with organizations like the National Association of Residential Property Managements (NARPM). Our affiliations with professional organizations allows us to stay up to date on all the changes in the property management business, and provides us with 12-1013 Heth Realty Logo Final_PMStools and resources that help us care for your property more efficiently.

If you’re looking for professional property management in Jacksonville, Florida, we hope you’ll contact us at Heth Realty. We’d love to tell you more about how we can help you.

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